How to delete your account

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We are sad that you want to leave Staffers, but you are always allowed to delete your profile.
To delete your profile go to Profile > Edit profile > scroll all the way down and find Delete profile

Please note that if you have completed or upcoming shifts we do keep your profile for 60 days in order to complete your payment.

The following data is stored by Staffers and will be deleted when requested:
Uploaded documents
- BankID
- Birthday
- Email
- FacebookId
- FacebookName
- Last Name
- Phone
- PhotoUrl
- Region

- All permissions
- All ratings

​Our payment associate PayoutPartner may store your payment data for up to 18 months for tax purposes. (This only applies if you have received a payment through PayoutPartner)

You can also request to get your account deleted through our customer service chat or at

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