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Mobilize Your Internal Human Resources
We are for companies that care about the people in their organization, from managers to employees.
Eliminate stress moments for your department heads in the event of sick leave and other staffing problems.
Staffers removes all friction to utilize human resources in the most efficient way throughout the organisation. At the same time, they give your employees more opportunities and flexibility.
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As a department head, you receive 2 sick leaves in the morning. You have two choices, spend time calling managers in other departments to ask if they have available employees, or directly to additional employees.
Or is one of the Cafeteria is empty and the employees have little to do?

Does this sound familiar?

No more time consuming calling and texting. Also, have the opportunity to reallocate employees to busier departments when needed.
As a part-time employee, you may not get enough hours and it can be difficult to combine several jobs. With Staffer's internal staffing pool, you have a full overview of vacant shifts in all departments in the organisation that suit your competence. A perfect opportunity to get more work internally.

Leverage your Workforce

Employees want flexibility. Businesses need flexibility. Staffers network based solution creates the ideal solution.

Current employees

Maximise your own workforce - Allow your employees apply for unfilled shifts across the organisation.

Previous employees

Utilise your Alumni workforce - Retain value from former employees by allowing them to work unfilled shifts.

Staffers External Network

Tap into the External Workforce - Let Staffers’ shared workforce claim remaining unfilled shifts or recruit new top talent.
Staffers external network

Staffers unlocks opportunities for...

C-Level Executives

Increase corporate agility, redeploy talent across the enterprise, and optimize workforce efficiency and adaptability for the future.

Drive employee motivation by opening up new avenues for innovation and productivity, while reducing staffing costs. Make better use of the workforce and reduce employee turnover.

HR - department

Motivate the employees by giving them more opportunities to work. Take part in their career development and help them achieve their career goals.

With our continuous feedback module, you can follow the employees' development at all times. Have a full overview of where the employees work and relieve department heads in the event of urgent staffing needs.

Site Managers

Remove stress when solving staffing issues.Cover the need with internal competence in a few seconds by reaching out to the entire workforce in the organization.No more time-consuming calling and texting for solving urgent needs.

Keep your employees motivated and give your part-time employees more opportunities in other departments in the organization.


Avoid unnecessary stress when understaffed, when your organization works together in the network.

We strive for you as an employee to avoid being called outside working hours and on short notice to meet needs.

Staffers give employees transparent choices and flexibility when accessing job opportunities that suit them.Let employees take part in internal career opportunities. With the increased visibility it entails, their ability to act on career plans and grow significantly increases.


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Happier Employees
Utilise your Alumni workforce - Retain value from former employees by allowing them to work unfilled shifts.
More Opportunities
Give part-time and extra employees the opportunity to pick up extra shifts throughout the organization, based on their own needs at their own time.
Build a career
View, track and receive personal feedback and development.

HR & Managers

Create a modern agile workforce
Empower and engage with your people.Increase collaboration and guarantee that your operations comply with your organisational standards.
Happier employees
Access to flexible work increases employee happiness, well-being and a long-lasting workforce.
Drive productivity, profitability and reliability
Reduce reliance on staffing agencies and understaffing.Save time on administrative tasks, automated legal contracts and payroll processes.
Women manager and women candidate during job inteview

How it works

Post open shifts

Department heads post shifts with just a few clicks.
Man searching.

Wait for employees

Available employees from all locations apply for the shifts that suit them. Role and experienced based access.
Thumbs up.

Feedback loop

Continuous feedback powers individual employee development and growth.

Staffers integrates with the systems you use today

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