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With the Staffers App you can find your next job within the hospitality industry in a quick and easy way. You will find an offering of daily shifts, full-time- and part-time jobs.

Staffers is not a staffing agency but a job network for the hospitality industry in Scandinavia.

Min. wage on daily jobs is 175 SEK/t.
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First time moving to Norway?

Learn how you as an EU citizen can legally work in Norway, how you get paid, find housing, and more.
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What type of jobs you can find

Service positions: waiter

Temporary Shifts

For restaurants, bars, hotels and events that are in need of qualified staff for the day or a particular busy time period.

Permanent Jobs

Many of our businesses are looking for new talent, so there are many opportunities for you to apply for a full-time or part-time job.
Find job opportunities
Chef positions: cook, prep, sous chef


Create a profile

Create a profile and verify your identity with a valid passport or BankID. Enter your previous work experience and other relevant information.


Get verified

The Staffers team will verify your digital CV by references and other means.


Apply for jobs

Use the filter and the different job sections in the application to find a job that suits you.  If you available and meet all the requirements you can click on “Apply”.


Get accepted

The business will select the candidates that fit their job the best. If that is you, you will receive a confirmation notification.

Why Staffers?

Be Your Own Boss

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Have the best of both worlds with the flexibility of a freelancer along with benefits of an employee.

Perk Package

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Access to valuable discounts and benefits to some of the leading brands via our partners. All you need to do is to pick up shifts through Staffers every month.
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Top Staffers by monthly will in addition receive a gift from Staffers

Insurance and Security

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Fully insured + a perk package when you work through Staffers

Expand and Enhance your Career

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Advance your previous experience and enhance your career through endless of job opportunities, all over Norway.
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No experience? No problem. Take on basic level shifts and unlock higher levels with time.

Effortless Payment Process

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Our associate PayoutPartner collects your tax card and solves all administrative work for you. Apply, show up to work, and get paid. It is that easy.

Access to The Highest Paid Daily Jobs in The Industry

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Get prioritized for the highest paid jobs as you complete shifts with top ratings. All the reasons to show off your skills.
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The minimum wage at Staffers is 199 NOK

What Businesses Say About Us

Patricia Martinsen-Altuve
I’ve been using Staffers casually for a couple of years now and love the flexibility! I can pick up shifts at the place I want, the time I can, and the great pay is definitely a plus. I got hired after a shift I took via Staffers and am so, so thankful! I still use Staffers till this day even with my new job because - Staffers rock! I truly recommend Staffers to make connections, try out different places and atmospheres, and also to meet new people. Not to mention again the salaries well above the industry average.
Patricia Martinsen-Altuve
Ijeoma Nwakaego Okoye
Staffers is an awesome platform for jobs. I was experiencing difficulties in the beginning but the team took well care of me and guided me through. I love to work and Staffers offer great possibilities for job-seekers like me. I can pick up last minute shifts and the process is pain free and fast. Its app is easy to use and the customer care is terrific.
Ijeoma Nwakaego Okoye
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Easy registration and following up app with a variety of job opportunities. I like how I was struggling with finding a job until I found Staffers. I instantly got hired for a shift and it has been spiraling from there with opportunities.
Rezana Habarak
Hey! My name is Zakeo!I met Staffers from one of my friends and from that moment I’ve worked through them, gaining experience, and providing the best customer service.  Staffers is an innovation in the Hospitality industry. The best application to become part of, which creates employment opportunities directly with businesses that cooperate with Staffers. I am very pleased working with Staffers. I have learned a lot about customer service. When it comes to the Staffers team, wonderful people, a great support, that are approachable, offering the right information and quick answers to any questions I may have. Correct with payments and with the highest value today in the industry.  Staffers is for everyone! For those who want to work based on your willingness and for those who are more flexible but who also require a longer and more stable employment relationship. Everyone is welcomed here!  Experience, perhaps even without it, you will find the opportunity to improve over time. Feel free to join Staffers and create your profile. Live the best experience and enjoy the satisfaction providing your best customer service and don’t forget to share and invite your friends. Are you looking for a job? Habibi, come to Staffers!
Zakeo Giannos
Tabarak Kasem
A big thank you to the Staffers team and the boss Kristian himself for being of great help when we need them. They are always cheerful, understanding and willing to help anytime Shoutout to Natalie who always gives her best with a big smile
Tabarak Kasem
I've been with Staffers almost a year now. In my every day I usually am a barback and I work in a cafeteria as well. But I take some shifts from the app because I love the variation and I also meeting new people. 

While working through Staffers, I've met so many people and some of them became very good friends of mine. I feel like I have friends everywhere now.

People, friendships, variation. Those are the top things I love about Staffers.
Maria Posma
The mice guru logo.
I like the flexibility Staffers app is offering. I have a full time job, but to have the option to take on shifts on off days is nice. I have recommended the app to many friends and they all really like and enjoy it.
Louis Nguyen
Vitali Moshin
I have very good experience with staffers and can say only good words. It's a very good atmosphere there, quickly resolving issues, and you are absolutely safe and can be sure that you’ll get what has been agreed.
Vitali Moshin
Sueli Bonfim
Staffers was the best thing that happened to me in 2022. I have a good CV, but people didn’t know me and I had a hard time getting called for an interview. When I started working for Staffers, job opportunities started to appear and opened many doors for me. I met many people who believe in my potential and admire my work. I can show my skills in varied places, and choosing my own shifts and in excellent working environments are a big bonus. I don’t want to forget to mention that the coordination of Staffers is made up of super humans and professional people who are always available to help whatever is needed. I don’t see Staffers as a job app that I work with, but as a part of a big family <3 “Staffers Family”. Thank you for your professionalism and care that you have for us!
Sueli Bonfim
This summer, I had the opportunity to work many festival shifts. What an amazing way of earning money and having fun. I love how open the app is, I can see my expected pay right away and have the flexibility to choose my own adventures.
Tuva Fjørtoft
Staffers is the perfect app to find job opportunities in restaurants, bars, hotels, or events

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