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Tap into Staffers 7,000-strong network of shared workers in Norway to cover temporary needs and recruit new top talent within EU.

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599,- SEK

Tailored to the hospitality & service industry.
Pre-screened candidates
See the most suitable candidates first
Use pre-made templates
Set up questions for video interviews

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Shifts from

289,- SEK/h

You choose the hourly wage for the shift. Minimum wage is 175,- per hour. The total cost is from 289,- per hour ex VAT. This includes social cost and our service charge.

24/7 access to thousands of qualified job seekers
Tap into a pool of qualified and vetted job seekers.
Transparent pricing. No up front costs, no binding time.
Free to post shifts
Choose your workers and communicate openly with them
Receive an invoice for the hours booked.

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Services Company
Total amount: 175 NOK
14,1% employee tax 24.5 NOK
Feirepenger 11% 19.25 NOK
Total wages: 218.92 NOK

Staffers cost:

48.75 NOK
Total cost for job: 267.50 NOK

Headhunting serivce

30 000,- SEK

Startup cost. 10 000,- SEK. This includes,
15-30 mins call w/ client
A written job ad and listed by us on our platform.
We conduct a search for the perfect match and screen top candidates
We deliver at least 3 top screened candidates within the first week.
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