Is your restaurant ready for spring?

Spring is just around the corner and it`s time to get your restaurant terrace ready for a new outdoor dining season. While you might have all the chairs and tables ready– have you made sure you have enough staff to serve your guests and make sure your operations run smoothly? It can be a challenge to find skilled staff in the hospitality industry, so where do you start?

Clarifying your needs is a good way to start:

-      How many people do you need when, where and how? How many full-time and part-time positionsdo you need to fill? Also consider that your need might increase during peak season or due to sick days.

-      What qualifications are you looking for in each vacant position you are trying to fill? A bartender with great knowledge and experience in making cocktails? An experienced waiter that know how to handle a high paced environment?  

-      Do you have any vacant positions that need a particular skillset and experience? You might be looking for a pizzaiolo or a pastry chef?

-      Are there any jobs that doesn`t require prior experience? Barbacks, dishwashers, and wardrobe are example of jobs that normally does not require prior experience.

-      Do you have capacity for on-the-job training? Keep in mind that if you hire people for jobs that they don’t have experience in you need to set some time aside to train them.

Now it`s time to write your job ad, here are 3 tips to consider:

-      Write your job ad in English

-      Be specific about what the job entails, what you are looking for, and your expectations.

-      Write your job ads with the ideal candidate in mind

-      What do you have to offer the ideal candidate?

When you have clarified your needs and written your job ad you are only a few minutes away from tapping into the best platform for recruiting within the hospitality industry. Staffers network consists of 20,000+ people in Norway and Sweden that are interested in hospitality jobs. We have set up a job ad template that enables you to publish your job ad on our platform in a matter of minutes, and you will be notified as soon as people start applying for your vacant positions.


With Staffers technology you can better manage your workforce and keep recruiting costs down. Are you ready to get started? Publish your first job ad here.

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