Workforce planning for the hospitality industry in 2023

In the hospitality industry the people who make sure that your guests are happy are your most important asset. And when planning for a new year you want to make sure you have enough skilled people working at the right time to maintain a level of service that will meet your guests’ expectations. This requires a thorough analysis of your company’s expected business for the upcoming year, budget allocated for personnel, and your existing workforce. Whether you see a gap between expected business and your existing workforce, planning challenges or budget challenges, we have a few tools that can help you plan and optimize your workforce in the new year.

Staffers offers a platform that allows for easier optimization of your existing workforce and easier recruiting when you see a need for more staff. Our platform is tailored for the hospitality industry by people with firsthand experience from the industry. By utilizing the tools available on the Staffers platform you can optimize workforce efficiency, increase corporate agility, reduce staffing costs, while simplifying planning and communication. Are you curious about how it works? Let`s get into the details.

Internal Shift Marketplace

Staffers Internal Shift Marketplace for the hospitality industry enables mobilization of your workforce across departments and locations in your company. Let`s say that you work as a manager of a department in a hotel and you receive a notification of sick leave from one of your employees one morning, how would you usually handle a situation like this? You would probably start calling and/or sending text messages directly to other employees in your department or other departments. But what if another department in another hotel in your town are having a quiet day and their staff have little or nothing to do? With Staffers Internal Shift Marketplace you can publish an available shift and allow for employees across your organization to apply to work that shift, you can also retain value from former employees by allowing them to work unfilled shifts. All communication and admin happens on the Staffers platform, with no need to waste time on calling or texting everyone in your organization. In your internal staffing pool everyone in your company has a full overview of all vacant shifts that suit their competence across the different departments and locations, which makes it a lot easier for your employees to discover all the job opportunities available with the organization. Would you like to learn more about Staffers Internal Shift Marketplace for hospitality industry?Continue reading here. Or get in touch here.

External Job Marketplace

Sometimes you need an extra set of hands to help out during particularly busy time periods, like the peak of summer outdoor dining season or big events. But where do you find people to work your vacant shifts? Tap into Staffers External Network - a network that consists of 20,000 people. Staffers match people with relevant experience with companies from the hospitality industry through our platform.  We provide the technology that enables you to publish a shift in a quick and easy manner, and for people with the right competence to apply just as easy, and then it`s up to you to choose the right candidate.

It is easy to get started and you can have your job ad published within a few minutes, click here to see how you can publish your first vacant shift.

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