Are you recruiting for a company within the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry has become a very competitive sector in terms of recruiting experienced employees. How can you make sure that your company succeed in filling your vacant positions?


Here are 3 tips to consider when writing your next job ad


·     Write our job ad in English and you open the possibility for experienced industry people from all countries within the EU to apply for your vacant positions as well.

·     Who are you looking for? Write your job ad with the ideal candidate in mind.  

·     Why should people consider working for your company? Including a text about what the candidates can expect of you as an employer, what the job itself entails, and what is included in the total compensation package, will considerably increase the chances of you receiving more applicants for your vacant positions.

After writing your job ad you have to make sure that as many relevant people as possible actually see and read it. By publishing your job ad on the Staffers platform you automatically increase your chances of getting noticed by experienced industry people. The Staffers network consists of 16,000+ people and we aim to match companies with people who have work experience from the hospitality industry.


It is very easy to get started with recruiting through Staffers. All you have to do is fill out our job ad template that is designed especially for HoReCa, remember the three tips mentioned above when writing your text, hit publish - and your job ad will be visible in our network for a duration of 6 weeks. All applicants will be verified, and you have the option to add questions that the applicants should answer during a video interview. How many candidates you hire is entirely up to you, we hope you find as many as you need.

Our pricing is modest compared to traditional recruiting companies, but what matters the most is of course that the recruiting process is successful and you find the right candidates. So why don`t you try recruiting with Staffers for your next vacant positions? Click here to get started.

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